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send me now, the winter's over

the love we've had will turn all over

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Wendy Peffercorn
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i play accordion and study women's sexual health. i like adventuring and people and working at the farm.

i have a facebook that is much more up to date on my interests/life/etc


abby's porch, accents, acme iced tea, aliens, ambushing unsuspecting people, andy warhol, aragorn, art, autumn, bbq sunflower seeds, billy boyd, books, brendan leonard, bridge, bright eyes, cake, camcorders, candles, candy, captain jack sparrow, cartel, caught in rain, ceiling fans, cheetah sisters, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, comedy central, crutches, dance dance revolution, ducks, earrings, eating, emma's basement, empire records, envelopes, fire, food, free association, friends, frodo, gamecube, get fuzzy, goblet of fire, goldfinger, gollum, google.com, goonies, guys, hair dye, harry potter, heath ledger, high dive, hippies, hot hot heat, i wrote this, ice cream, ice cream pornography, icing, in 8th grade:, it, jack johnson, jack sparrow, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, kareoke machines, kerry, lies, lightbulbs, lighters, livejournal, long hair, lord of the rings, lucky charms, mad cow diesease, mad magazine, mae, making hemp necklaces, mama cheetah, maple syrup, modest mouse, money, movies, music, my computer, nachos, not doing homework, oasis, orange, pajamas, photography, photos, pina colodas, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, plastic, playstation2, radiohead, rainbows, records, red balloons, rubber bands, scissors, scots, scrapbooks, sean astin, sex, shiny objects, shoes, shore, sims, sirius black, skateboarding, sleeping, smiley faces, south park, special k, squirrels, stalking, staring at people, stars, stephen king, steve burns, sugar, sunglasses, super wawa, swimming, taking pictures, talking, the cheetah girls, the legend of zelda, the mall, the name toby, the nightmare before christmas, the o.c., the royal tenenbaums, the stinky club, thrift stores, ticket stubs, tight pants, tv, umbrellas, vh1, walking home, water ice, wawa, will turner, x-men, you, zelda

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