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great day today. finally had it off, much needed. went to burlington…

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great day today. finally had it off, much needed. went to burlington with jessa earllyy cause she had to be at yoga/therapy. took her car downtown, had a smoothie at muddy waters. went to the house, picked up mike fried, had a short rehersal and took to the streets of burlington with our instruments. seriously, busking is changing my life. it's making me so much more confident, adventurous. i'm not afraid of strangers anymore. it's amazing how many people will just come up to you and strike up a conversation, or give me compliments. even just having people smile when they walk by is payment enough. but the cash isn't bad either. i feel like learning to play music and losing my fear of singing in front of people is going to give me endless potential for traveling. i feel like i can make at least a little money anywhere i go just playing and singing and it feels great. we didn't make very much today, but we did run into my friend jordan from freshman year, who was also about to start busking on guitar. him and his friend whipped out their guitars and we had this hilarious performance of "what i got" by sublime. two guitars, an accordion, and a melodica. incredible. i had a man smile at me and compliment my voice, and come back a few minutes later with 5 bucks. later we ended up back at the house, and got in an argument with brent within 10 minutes. he was arguing against locking our doors because of some bullshit philosophical viewpoint about how locking our doors represents how sad society has become. okay, fine, but no one is going to give a fuck about your philosophy about society when all of our shit gets stolen/we get murdered in our sleep. should be an interesting year.
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