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so in direct contrast from my last whiny post, my life has been…

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so in direct contrast from my last whiny post, my life has been considerably more social the past two days.

yesterday rainer texted me and said he was having people over at two to swim. i went over there and ended up spending the afternoon/evening with emma, rainer, colter, allie, and neil. i am just so freaking picky with group dynamics, but this was a pretty good combination. i had a lot of fun, and also got to talk to colter a little which rarely happens. found out his dad plays button accordion and now i just want to go hang out with him/get lessons. haha. that evening, i went to harry potter with jessa and staff aids from the camp she's working at. i was really hesitant what with the tornado warning ( i have dreams about them at least once a week. including last night.) and the awkwardness of new people. it turned out alright, and regardless of everyone hating the new movie, i kind of enjoyed it. i think i was in that middle ground where i didn't remember the book well enough to get pissed at the differences, but i knew enough about the background to not be confused or bored.

today i headed into rutland to get my drivers license updated. 45 bucks, ugh. went to petco with zack and taylor, got pizza. i remembered that friday night live was happening (rutland has a live band and closes off the streets every friday night) so zack and i brought our instruments and set up shop in front of a restaurant owned by 12 tribes people. this one kid came up to me and was like "hey that's the exact accordion i used to have, i've been playing for six years" etc. i made him play something for me, and he was epic. he invited us to go jam with them at their house, but considering they are sort of like a cult, and i had to go home soon i passed it up. i think i might go to that restaurant another day and find him though. anyway, since i'm a terrible musician and zack and i had never played together, we sort of just traded off songs. at one point a big crowd gathered, but it was right in the beginning when we hadn't worked anything out, so it quickly dispersed. haha. after about a half hour, we made about 6 bucks. impressive considering how amateur and ridiculous we are. also may i say how proud i am of myself for being able to pull off performing in the street. i'm pretty shy, and was definitely always to scared to sing in front of people but tonight i was singing with zack, talking up random people walking by, and not fucking up. maybe i've found my calling, haha.

anyway,i'm going to try and make that a weekly gig, because if we get andrew on guitar i think we could make some serious cash. coming up to the weekend and i have no idea what my work schedule looks like sunday/next week! okay, shower time i think!
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