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so i've had people at my house since tuesday. eek. our cousins came…

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so i've had people at my house since tuesday. eek. our cousins came yesterday and left this afternoon. and my mom-mom and uncle have been here since tuesday. adn they're leaving tomorrow, thank god. last night i played hide and seek for like, 2 hours. i love that game, especially when its relaly dark. haha.

so exactly a year ago i started working at sabines. i really wish they hadn't closed...it was like the best job ever. i was in "gourmet provence" which is the place that took it over and it made me sad. soo many good memories. :( ah well.

agh on monday i stayed after and was in the lobby for a half hour waiting. the only other person there was patrick. awkwarrrddd. we didnt talk at all. it really sucks how things worked out.

i have yearbook stuff to do, and a take home history test.

tomorrow is saturday which means only 2 more days of weekenddd. i can't wait till winter break.

ps. i've had this background on my lj for exactly a year.
i know this because i'm ocd about looking at the archive for my entries and seeing how this day was a year ago. or 2.
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On December 7th, 2005 02:24 am (UTC), greeny_beany13 replied:
you know i've had that for a year, right?

i'm just way to lazy to change it.
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