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work post. not that anyone cares.

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man, for 20 minutes i wasn't going to have to work. i called to see when breakfast was and hani told me that there would only be 14 people, so they didn't need me. then, 20 minutes later she calls and tells me i have to work because theres 4 more people. then she says "so thats one table of 4 and two tables of two". so i'm thinking i'm working alone then because theres no way they'd need 2 people for 8 people. i'm also thinking that when i originally called she said 4 people as opposed to 14. i guess i'll see tomorrow. thankfully breakfast is at 8, and not 7, so i have to be there at 7 instead of 6. oy. i just wish i wasn't working at all.

wow. i posted 3 times today. that is awful.

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