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i'm a bitch. :D

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yesterday was mucho fun. after the parade where i saw malisa(!!!) i went to rainers with jessa and miranda because his mom was having a party. so we got in the hot tub with like, 11 other people then jumped in the pool. the afternoon pretty much was continuos swimming/hot tubbing. it was awesome. :D of course, there was the 8th grade drama going on , with one guy too afraid to ask grace out etc...


i had to get up this morning at 5. it blew. so i got ready and went back upstairs to get a ride, and my dad FREAKED OUT AT ME. i dont even know why. i just was like "are you ready" and he like..ugh. i dunno. yelled. alot. so that pissed me off. i was abotu to get off work at 9:30, and then this stupid couple came down and ate for 45 minutes. hani and i set up the whole dining room for tonight. finally i got to leave... and i called for a ride. and my dad freaked out at me AGAIN. he was like "oh i just was in town 5 minutes ago and nobody will empty the dishwasher" and i was just like "what does that have to do with me". soooo i had to walk. which also sucked alot alot alot. i'm currently avoiding my dad because i know as soon as i see him i'm going to start yelling. i think i'm just going to go jump in the pool with my clothes on, relax, then work again at 3. dinner reservations for tonight at 7:30. should be nice.
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On July 3rd, 2005 03:35 pm (UTC), glamourdarlingx commented:
i ♥ gena.
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On July 4th, 2005 04:56 am (UTC), ninjas_cry_too commented:
I saw gena I saw gena I saw gena I saw gena I saw gena!

holey whoa I havn't been home for like 3 days straight....and I won't be home much tomarrow either....but this week, WERE HANGING OUT. becuase next week i'm camping with the fam. fun....only not at all.

so expect a call sometime this week. [or you could just call meeee]

ok so.......I went to the brandon fireworks with lots of people I love [except the gena of course] and than today I went to the burlington fireworks with trevorrr [<3] and tomarrow i'm going to the rutland fireworks with him. haha three days straight of fireworks with the trevor. *giggles* sorry it's like one in the morning and I had a shit load of coffee and sour patch kids on the way back from burlington like 20 minutes ago. I need to stop drinking coffee at night. sdlkfjslkdfjs

haha it feels like I just wrote you a novel for a comment.

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On July 4th, 2005 01:22 pm (UTC), greeny_beany13 replied:
aw, i want to hang out/make out with somebody while fireworks are going off. or just kiss. whateverrr. ohh, were you at lake dunmore on friday? cause my brother saw your brother and i was like "i wonder if melissas cool enough to chill with her family" haha.

dudeeeeee. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'm really tired from all my workish stuff. but yea, we should definitly hang out sometime soon. dont know what we're gonna do, but whatever..we'll find something. even if its just like, sitting and drawing stupid pictures. haha.
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