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so everybody is gone now. i had a really good time. i think i managed…

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so everybody is gone now. i had a really good time. i think i managed to hang out with joe without ignoring jessa and thats VERY good. i sat between them at dinner except jessa kept putting parsley in my grape juice. yea, that was fun. so then joe and i went upstairs to my room to talk. he told me about his amazing trip to france, i told him of my stupid nothingness spring break. he told me how the sky looked realyl pretty. so i told him i wanted to play in the rain. and we did. when we came back in it was dessert time. yummmm. jessa, joe and i went into the living room to read found. joe gave me a big hug when he left. :)

and now, everybody is gone.

and theres 1 more day of spring break.

and then its back to school for the remainder of the school year.

spring break has been really good for me. i've been outside alot. and i dunno, i've just felt happier.

i'm really glad joe came tonight. i felt more..myself. i laughed more (mostly because of jessa) and i wasnt afraid to say whatever i wanted. i like that. hopefully that makes up for all the stupid things i've been doing lately and the weird way i usaully am around joe. its odd how jessa sort of balances things out between us. and nice. so my mood is just that. nice.
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thankful nice. hehe
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